Solar Panels for home: Nature’s Gift

One of the most important issues of today’s time is the availability of the energy. There are two energy sources. They are:

  • Non-Renewable Sources of energy: These are the type of energy sources that once used up are exhausted forever. They take millions of years to form.
  • Renewable Sources of energy: These are the type of energy sources that available is abundance amount and will not get exhausted.

Which form of Energy is best?

We naturally lean more towards Non-Renewable sources as the cost is less in generating the energy, but these cause a lot of pollution. Since the Non-Renewable sources are coming to end, so the Renewable source of energy is the one we must turn to, so Solar Energy is one of the best options to opt.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

To make use of solar energy we use Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Photovoltaic Solar panel absorbs sunlight to generate energy. It constitutes an array of photovoltaic system of the panel that is used to generate energy which is in turn used for household and commercial purpose. With the use of Standard Test Conditions (STC), each set of the panel has a rated DC output voltage. The typical output voltage varies from 100-375 Watts (W).

Installation of solar panels

Solar Panels for home

Installation of rooftop solar panels is very easy but the following must be kept in mind

  • Area type
  • Type of land
  • Availability of sunlight
  • And lastly, weather type

What a photovoltaic cell do

A photovoltaic cell is a device that converts light into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. It is made up of silicon or thin film cells. The modules present are connected in series to achieve higher current or in parallel if a certain type of current frequency is required. To increase the current special part called concentrators are use which focuses the incident on the cells. It is made up of small mirrors or special lenses. Since some of the appliances or machines require AC current, a device called as the solar inverter is used which converts DC to AC power voltage. The efficiency of Solar panels is calculated using MPP (Maximum Power Point).

Maintainance of Solar Panels


The solar panels for home are very easy to maintain just like we maintain our car. We just have to keep in mind that the surface of the solar panel must be clean and should not have accumulated dust in it. The cells present in the panels must be protected from moisture and machine damage. Results show that about 20-30% of the efficiency of the panel gets reduced because of the accumulated pollen, dust and other particles. The panels should often be washed and cleaned with water. Cleaning and maintaining the solar panel increases its life and is worth the effort.

Recycling of the parts

About 95% parts of the solar panels are recyclable. Since the Solar panels are made up of ferrous and Non Ferrous materials.

  • Ferrous parts in Panels: It is easy to recover more than 80% of the total amount of Iron, Aluminium, Silicon, Glass, Metal pieces and other matters present.
  • Non-Ferrous parts in Panel: It requires special technology to recycle the parts. They are divided into semiconductor and non-semiconductor type.

The initial cost of installation of solar panel for home is high but the electricity bill gets reduced so the cost gets renewed back.

Is this practical?

Of course, it is practical. There are several educational institutes which have installed solar panels on their buildings for getting electricity for various operations. Several industries and commercial buildings have also installed these panels due to its advantages over the conventional substitutes and they have indeed reduced their electricity bills as well as there has been very low maintenance for these panels.

Let’s go for a change

As time passes by, newer technologies and equipment are introduced continuously which improves our lifestyle. And solar panels are one of those valuable technologies of this generation that has the potential of making our lives better. So there is indeed a need for change in our homes in order to stay updated with the better technology that can be more advantageous for us.

Solar panels are therefore a very useful way to reduce our expenses in our daily life. As it requires very less maintenance and is very durable this becomes even a more useful technology for our homes. Moreover, the technology of these panels is also improving with time. Hence there is a need for changing our conventional electric supply and installing these solar panels in our homes in order to enjoy all of these advantages.


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