Smart Wallet Fingerprint Technology Keeps Your Money Safe And Sound


Smart Wallet Fingerprint Technology Keeps Your Money Safe And Sound

Have you ever lost your wallet in public or forgot to carry it with you? Well, it is most common to everyone. The thought of losing the wallet is itself worrying. We tend to keep our important documents like identity cards, cards, and most importantly cash. And if someone loses it, they lose their mind. But surely, the advancement in technology has upgraded the wallet. One such innovation is the smart wallet fingerprint technology.

What is a smart wallet fingerprint technology?


The smart wallet is basically a wallet but with a pinch of technology in it. Smart wallets casing are made up of hard plastics. They have separate compartments exactly like leather wallets. In addition to all the features of a wallet, there is a fingerprint scanner, LED bulb and USB port for charging.

Features of smart wallet:

  1. Smart wallets have metal locks and will only open with fingerprint match or by the app. The casing has a USB charging point. And once the smart wallet is charged, it can hold onto the charge for up to 6 months.
  2. The smart wallet fingerprint tech app is available on the Google Play store free of cost. Just download it and synchronize it with your wallet to enjoy all the features.
  3. The app has different options which require set-up. One can set his fingerprint by putting self’s finger on the scanner attached to the wallet. After scanning the finger, the smart wallet is good to go.
  4. One can also unlock the wallet with the option of “open wallet” in the app.
  5. There is a LED light on the smart wallet has an interchangeable color which indicates different color and a speaker which beeps. The option of “Play buzz” will empower its users to keep a track of their wallets. But firstly, one needs to pair the device to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. So whenever the wallet is not in the range of Bluetooth, it will start beeping. And a notification will be sent on the mobile phone alerting the owner that the wallet is not with them.
  6. The smart wallet also has GPS tracking so that one can track their phones on Google maps to know its location.
  7. Though the price starts at $99.99 but surely it is worth it. Cashew is selling this smart wallet with fingerprint access now and sooner a cut in cost is estimated.

Security Like Never Before: Gps Wallets


Are you someone that forgets where you left the keys or your wallet? Do you find yourself scrambling around the house at the last minute or running back to the shop because you left your wallet behind? If these situations ring true for you, then gps wallets are something you need.

How does it work?

A gps wallet has a tracker placed in the wallet and is synchronized with an app generally on your phone, to help track its position if lost. It’s discreetly placed to make sure thieves don’t find the tracker and remove it.

Surprisingly, a lot of ‘gps wallets’ don’t use the only gps as their tracking technology. Since gps has its flaws, it’s necessary to combine one or more tracking tech to get the most accurate and reliable location for your wallet. Choosing a wallet that uses the right combination for you is of prime importance.

Now, isn’t that cool?


Keep your cash and documents safe and sound. Now as you are aware of the features, you must know that nobody else can access your wallet except you. You can keep your identity cards, cash, and cards within the case pretty safe. Since the casing is made of hard plastic, the chance of mutilation is also very less. Even when somebody else tries to access your wallet, you will receive an alert either through a beep sound or push notification on your wallet. So you can be stress-free.

The smart wallet fingerprint technology surely provides security to your valuables. And now in no case, you will lose your wallet or forget it at home. But there is always a chance of losing it if it switches off. So, better alertness from the owner is expected to enjoy the benefits of this smart wallet in the long run.

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