GPS Wallets: A Wallet That Keeps You Updated Like Never Before

GPS wallet

A wallet is one of the most important things that we keep close to ourselves all the time. Yet it is one of the most stolen items both in the case of men and women. Losing a wallet is not the big deal it is the documents and the important cards that go with it. New technology in the form of GPS wallets has emerged to counter the theft of the wallet and important documents. If we look at the level of the creativity of thieves it would surely make us wonder about our negligence. A device that can scan the security and credit card details from 20 feet is in use with many of the so-called geek thieves.

What makes GPS wallet the highest tech wearable device!

The wallet has a high-end technology embedded inside its classy body in such ingenuity that it looks no different than the conventional leather wallet. The GPS wallet is made up of high-quality leather with an artistic impression. The wallet has an immersed micro-computer in one of the bi-folds which does the math for the linked mobile app via Bluetooth. Whenever the wallet is away from the linked user and some strange person opens it an inbuilt camera send the image of the stranger to the user via email.

The high tech specifications everyone should know about!

smart wallet

Distance Alarm system:

The GPS wallet has an incorporated button which has to be turned ON. Whenever we forget our wallet at home, club or in our own car a notification via Bluetooth Alarm system will vibrate our phone.

Integrated power bank: Running out of the battery of your phone, no need to worry. The GPS wallet has an integral power bank which can be used to charge your phone. The power bank is so discrete that it adds no additional thickness to the wallet and maintaining the classy look of the leather wallet.

Thief Detector Camera: If the wallet is stolen or anyone checking it out without your consent you will be notified that’s the beauty of the GPS wallet. The inserted micro camera will take pictures without him having any idea about it and the integrated technology system will email you the pictures.

Universal Wi-Fi hotspot: When you are traveling and you need to make important video conferences or send an email to your boss GPS wallet has covered it all for you. The wallet emits Wi-Fi when needed in any part of the world by creating a universal internet platform. The Wi-Fi is much cheaper than what one would pay for roaming.

Intercontinental GPS tracker system: You can track the lost wallet in real time using the integrated GPS locator of GPS wallet by the linked app on your mobile. It will not matter if your wallet has crossed the borders or you left it while on a vacation, the wallet will be tracked out successfully at no cost.

The best part of owning a GPS wallet is we will have a peace of mind wherever we travel and whatever we carry, that makes the innovative wearable device.

Types of technology used:

WalletGps: Global positioning trackers use tags that communicate with satellites. It requests its own position. The satellites locate the tag and send the coordinates to the tag. The information is then uploaded to a server using the cellular network, which can be accessed through a phone or computer.


Unlimited range


  • Big tags
  • Low battery life. Need to be recharged every two or three days
  • Needs an unobstructed view of the sky to communicate with satellites
  • Medium accuracy


Radio frequency identification has two parts; a reader and a tag. The user requests information from the tag, and the tag relays information. Although there are different types of tags, generally the tag is placed inside or with the object until information is requested. The reader identifies the distance from the object and guides you by playing a game of ‘hot and cold’ with the tag.


  • Uses almost no energy, since the reader processes all the information.
  • The tag can be smaller than a centimeter.
  • High accuracy. Useful for things lost between other objects in the house.


  • Short-ranged, usually around 100 meters.
  • If the reader is lost, the object cannot be found.


These trackers contain a device like your smartphone and a tag. The communication is two way, which means you can use the tag to find the device and vice-versa.  You can connect several tags to the same device.


  • The ability to locate multiple items with one device.
  • The ability to locate the device through multiple items.


  • Tags are more energy consuming (battery lives of around one year)
  • Tags are larger
  • Short distance connection (up to 30 meters)
  • Two-way communication may pose a security threat for sensitive data for your phone  


Similar to gps, instead of using satellites, it uses Wi-Fi hotspots to track the device. This can help the user estimate the geographic location to about 5 meters.


  • Long range around nearby hotspots.
  • Work well with obstructions around.


  • Low accuracy
  • Only useful in places with lots of hotspots

Your needs determine what is the best combination for your wallet. If you want to track your wallet inside your house then an RFID tracker might be appropriate. However, if you lose your wallet outside your house, you’d benefit from either a Bluetooth tracker or a gps tracker, or even both. Look into the specifications carefully to buy the most efficient gps wallet for yourself.




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